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At Universal Orlando®, our world class Technicians are a key component to the success of our resort as they repair and maintain all aspects of our Universe, from our rides, shows and buildings to our resort horticulture. Our Technicians ensure that everything is “show ready” so that our guests can have the experience of a lifetime.

Technicians specialize in the following areas:

Ride and Show Technicians maintain the most technologically advanced ride systems in the world. Problem solving, electromechanical systems expertise and the ability to use good judgment in high pressure situations are just some of the key attributes we are looking for in our Ride and Show Technicians.

Ride and Show roles include: Ride Mechanics, Electronics-Animation/Show Control Technicians, Lighting Technicians and Show Systems Technicians.

Facilities Technicians maintain all aspects of our resort buildings, including exterior facades, concrete work, paint and building controls such as HVAC units, electrical panels, lighting, and plumbing. We look for Technicians with superior skills, attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize multiple work orders.

Facilities roles include: Electricians, Maintenance Technicians, Painters, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians and Restaurant Equipment Technicians.

Landscaping Technicians maintain the beauty and health of our resort’s plants and trees, in both our theme parks and the surrounding roadways. We take a lot of pride in the overall look of our resort grounds.

Landscaping roles include: Groundskeepers, Gardeners, Horticulturists, Arborists, Construction Horticulturists and Pest Control Technicians.

Other Technicians are responsible for annual maintenance, inspection and repairs to ride vehicles and animation, including structural repairs and modifications. Central Shops Technicians must have superior skills, an eye for detail and be flexible to an ever-changing environment.

Other Technician roles include: Welders, Fiberglass Technicians, Machinists, Industrial Paint/Spray Technicians, Sheet Metal Mechanics, Figure Finish Technicians and Creative Fabrication Artists.

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A Universal Orlando Success Story
Julio – Supervisor, Horticulture

Career Path
Julio started his career at Universal Orlando in December of 1996 as a Gardener in the Horticulture Department within Technical Services. Julio came to Universal Orlando because he was looking for a company in which he could grow, and believed this could be such a place.

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With the mindset that he was working at more than a job but a career, he dedicated himself to doing his best. This led to his first promotion Pest Control Technician. After proving himself in that role, Julio looked for new ways to grow within Horticulture. He took a Coordinator position in Horticulture where he could showcase his organizational and system analysis skills, actively developing himself for promotional opportunities by learning material sourcing and legal contract process and writing. In 2010, Julio was promoted to his current role of Supervisor, Horticulture, in no small part because of his conscious self- development, goals he completed and consistently positive outlook he exhibited.
Best Career Decisions
Much of Julio’s success can be credited to a dedication to development and willingness to take on challenges. One such challenge was the recent expansion to Universal Studios Florida, during which he was also over the team working on installing the landscaping to a new parking garage for Team Members. Julio also volunteered to assistant on a major tree installation project in Islands of Adventure. As a result of Julio’s efforts he won the Excellence in Leadership Award. Julio gives credit to his senior leadership for the success he has had and their help, when he expressed his interests and goals, in letting him take on projects for his development. Now that he is in a leadership, Julio has made an effort to develop talent within his department. He and a colleague created a development packet for each job in their department, outlining the steps and measurable goals to let Team Members know what it will take to get to the next level.
Best Advice
“Be positive, consistent and persistent in everything you do, so you can be proud of the results of your efforts. Always give your best!”